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About Seawind Catamarans

Why a Seawind – Design Philosophy

Seawind’s range of cruising catamarans are designed by Australians, uniquely for the purpose of allowing couples or families with limited or no cruising experience to safely and comfortably explore the bays, coastlines and islands and between Australia, New Zealand, Asia and across the Pacific. The following design principles have been followed to offer the best experience at sea onboard what we think is the Perfect Pacific Cruiser:

Our Seawind Catamarans

Sail like a Sail Boat

A decisive choice was made early to put sailing performance before pure volume, which is not the case of many modern catamaran designers. By having the main beds above the bridge deck rather than in the hull, allows narrower hull design which cut through the water more efficiently and faster. The benefits of this are that you get to your destination faster and don’t become frustrated by the lag of performance after days at sea or in moderate to light winds. Shelter then Visibility. The only twin helm design in the world that offers unrivaled protection from the harsh southern sun, rain and wind by being located behind a major bulkhead. Add to this, panoramic windows gives you complete visibility in bad weather, and the flexibility to steer from either side of the boat when sailing so you can properly trim your sails, or dock with an optional twin engine control.

Engineered to Endure

The Seawind range is designed specifically to handle the toughest of offshore conditions. All Seawinds are engineered to category A offshore, a comforting thing even for weekend cruisers. All hull / deck joins, bulkheads and shelving are fully glassed for maximum bonding strength and longevity of your boat. In over 400 offshore cruising Seawinds, we have never suffered a major structural failure. No Seawind has ever suffered a mast failure, because of hull flexing or under engineered rig design. All this adds up to total comfort when sailing offshore in any weather. From the rig, to safety lines, to construction methods, the Seawind’s have always been slightly over-engineered for safety. These subtle features often go unnoticed, but ultimately mean you have a stiffer, safer and more reliable boat, including some of the following:

  1. Three safety life lines all the way around the boat.
  2. Forward front beam reinforced with carbon and glassed into the deck / hull to form a very stiff monocoque structure on Seawind 1160 LITE.
  3. Vinyl Ester Resins exclusively used throughout the hull to eliminate blistering (Osmosis). With over 400 large cruising yachts launched & sailing throughout the world, Seawind has never had a case of osmosis which is a claim that few manufacturers can make.

Anyone Can Operate

Catamarans between mid 30 to mid 40 feet are easier to handle, easier to maintain and easier to manage offering a good balance of comfort and low cost of operation without overwhelming the crew to operate. On Seawind’s, all lines and controls feed back to the cockpit and are optimised for one person to operate the boat and easy for novice sailors to use. This feature has enabled many of our owners to cruise as couples or single handed on countless ocean passages.

Weather Protection

The Seawind dual helm stations on all our models are designed to offer 360 degree visability yet protection from the sun and the inevitable bad weather that can occur offshore. The twin helms allows the helmsman to safely sail the boat in crowded conditions without the need to rely on a leeward spotter. The only twin helm design in the world that offers unrivalled protection from the harsh sun, rain and wind by being located behind a major bulkhead. Add to this, panoramic windows gives you complete visibility in bad weather, and the flexibility to steer from either side of the boat when sailing so you can properly trim your sails, or dock with an optional twin engine control.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Enjoy the spaciousness and freedom of a clutter free cockpit without permanent furniture reducing the cockpit in size. When needed, add a foldaway cockpit table and deck chairs. Then use the cockpit as a work space for setting up equipment, or bring in fish to clean and wash away through the self training deck. You have the flexibility with an uncluttered cockpit to use however you need. Great for parties and larger guest numbers.

Natural Ventilation

No need for expensive air-conditioning and heavy generators with brilliant natural ventilation thanks to extra large opening hatches in the saloon, removable tri-folding door and cross flow ventilation. These boats are designed to handle tropical conditions.

Don’t Waste Space

The galley on a Seawind is akin to the Butler’s Kitchen in many modern homes – Cook your meals on the BBQ upstairs with ice box / drinks fridge close by, and then keep your mess out of your living space and away from guests by hiding it in the open Butlers Galley in the hull. This means you end up with a much larger galley with storage and preparation space comparable to catamarans of 46ft or larger, with the added bonus that your saloon lounge is huge and not impeded by a galley. You don’t end up with wasted space in the hulls filled by useless lounges or vanities. The open design of the saloon effectively makes the galley part of the living space. This unique feature of the SW1160 & SW1250 means that the meals can be prepared away from the living area but not at all isolated from the action. The end result is a living area / lounge equivalent to a 50 footer and a galley that makes cooking for many a pleasure.

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