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Sellers Information

The vital point to make here is that you and your broker must build a good working relationship right from the start. Because we are a small “boutique” operation, our brokers will be able to devote more time and energy to work with you most effectively. Bigger companies will bombard you with statistics, impressive sales figures and flash jargon – but do they have time to listen to what YOU want and deliver a more personal service? Bigger is not always better. Our brokers are experienced at converting interest in your boat into a contract to purchase because they not only KNOW boats – they LOVE boats. They are your representative and markedly reduce the stress for you. You can trust them to get the job done. Here’s an example –

We highly recommend the professional team at NZ Boat Sales, especially Gordon Low who looked after us tirelessly as we moved on from our faithful launch to a live-aboard/blue water yacht. The  more we viewed and the more we learnt, our vision changed and yet they all worked hard to keep up …… George Janis in Wellington spent time with us too and was also very learned, a true gentleman and very hospitable, (a “would do anything for you” guy, we still owe him a breakfast!). Gordon, based in Picton, and his colleague Peter Broad, bore the brunt of our search and were remarkable at finding time to meet up to view a potential option, to assist getting our boat onto ‘the hard’ for survey and more.   They gave of their time with great generosity, apart from making the paper-work process seamless! Even when the deal was done, there was assistance with the delivery crew and support well beyond the role of boat selling, even a bottle of champagne when our new vessel finally arrived into Picton! Top service, top team. We are ever grateful. Pip & Nick Goodhue, Managers, Bay of Many Coves Resort, Queen Charlotte Sound, Picton.

Presentation. Presentation. Presentation. Have the boat presented clean and tidy. Attend to all those maintenance issues. Do it before listing for sale otherwise offers will reflect these problems and they will come up in pre purchase inspections i.e. you will pay twice! Keep the boat tidy and uncluttered. Keep it smelling good. Keep bilges dry. Your NZ Boat Sales broker will appraise your boat and give the best advice. Call us today!

No doubt about it – a sign attracts buyers! The more people that see your boat for sale the better. A couple of negatives – people will occasionally climb over the boat without the agent and worst of all, they attract other agents – the lazy ones that can’t be bothered listing their own boats! They usually spout a line about having a buyer ready and waiting. These are the worst agents in the industry and we advise you to send them packing!! But above all we say signs are a must.

Buyers are looking for boats all year round but generally more active during good weather. School holidays are sometimes quiet. One year tends to be different to the next with no clear seasonal pattern. Your NZ Boat Sales broker will have a list of buyers ready to purchase all types of boats at any one time. Contact them today!

Not with NZ Boat Sales. We include all advertising costs as part of our service. In some circumstances we may suggest a targeted advertising package.

Yes. Often it is better for a boat to be used, this keeps all systems working. Remember to keep the boat clean and tidy afterwards. Give the broker notice that the boat will be away from its berth. It’s rather embarrassing to take a client down to view a boat – only to find it’s not there!

No. Get to know the broker. Sit and chat to him about your boat. Someone who is knowledgeable about boats like yours will make a better job of representing you and promoting your boat’s best features. Someone who is used to selling trawlers is unlikely to be so comfortable with a racing yacht. Have a look at their website, is it modern and easy to use? This is how buyers will view your boat. Do they have good references or testimonials on display? Can you TRUST them? If not find another broker that you can TRUST! Here’s what our customers say about us –

“Steve Thomas has an astute knowledge of the marine industry and an easy style that facilitates the buying and selling process.  He offers sound advice when needed but also gives the client latitude to arrive at their own conclusions.  He has a wide range of industry contacts from trades to specialists which ensures access to a broad spectrum of information and personnel.  This certainly enhances the package that NZ Boat Sales can offer but above all I found that I could rely on Steve’s honesty and integrity – rare ingredients in today’s world.  Thank you Steve for making what can often be an emotive and stressful process very straight forward and producing very rewarding outcomes”.  Bill Szentpeteri, Nelson.

The initial listing period should be a sole agency. This allows the broker to put all his/her efforts  into the marketing of your boat, secure in the knowledge that he/she will get the best result. A minimum of four months should be allowed.

NB:  If you are in the market to buy and wish to deal with a ‘broker of preference’ do not exclude that broker if a competitor is advertising a vessel you may have interest in as a ‘Sole Agency’.  Check the validity of the agency first and keep in mind that most brokerages are willing to work together in the best interest of the client.

At NZ Boat Sales we believe that Sole Agency listings should get special treatment so we ensure they do!

Special treatment includes:

  • Lower commission
  • Priority placement on the internet
  • Priority placement in boating magazines
  • Priority placement in our office displays

As much as possible. Tell him the things you are sure about and the things you are unsure about. The broker will have the experience to make the whole process as painless as possible. The broker needs to know as much as you do about your boat so he can answer all the questions asked by potential buyers.

Buyers Information

Yes, we are committed to boating safety and will guide you through the basics… all part of the service.

Yes. The contract we use is a well tested legal document provided by the NZ Marine Industry Association. It details the amount you wish to pay, the deposit, the settlement date, the conditions of purchase and the full list of equipment that comes with the boat. This means that both buyer and seller have a clear understanding of what the offer involves. It gives proper legal protections to purchaser,vendor and agent. It also defines who is responsible for what during the sale process. Talk to your NZ Boat Sales broker if you need more information.

Yes. The broker is not a specialist marine surveyor, boat builder, electrical or mechanical engineer. Also, he may not be aware of any existing faults. This is what a pre purchase inspection will help you identify. The sea trial is important to check that the boat “fits” your requirements. Does it feel right? How does all the equipment, electronics and various systems work? Can I manage it all? Your broker will help make a sometimes daunting process as pain free as possible!

Firstly, sit down with them and discuss your requirements. You need to feel comfortable with them. They need to demonstrate  knowledge in dealing with the type of boat you wish to buy. You need to believe and trust they will be able to find boats outside of their own available listings and give you the widest possible choice. Not all brokers will do this. But first and foremost, you must be able to trust your broker to get the job done. If, after your initial meeting, you feel you can’t trust them, walk away. Can your broker provide references like this one?

“We would highly recommend Gordon Low and his team at NZ Boat Sales to anyone wishing to sell or purchase a launch.  We were first time buyers last year and found Gordon extremely honest and trustworthy to deal with.  He held our hands all the way through the negotiations, survey process, sea trials, insurance – even joining the boat club. He has continued to keep in touch throughout the past year and we appreciate all that he did for us.  He under promises and over delivers”.  Dawn and Keith Vallance, Rangiora.

What Our Clients Say

NZ Boat Sales enjoy a high level of return business from satisfied clients and place emphasis on building relationships based on trust and honesty. You only have to read the testimonials spread around this website to understand why.

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